Monday, December 11, 2017

family update

This is probably why normal people do Facebook -- apologies for all the email, but i figured between the baby and the storm that clobbered our area a bunch of people would be wondering what's going on!

I appreciate your continued prayer and well-wishing!  I continue to pray for you and yours as well.

Wednesday at 1:05 am baby Ezra was born.  It went about as smoothly as these things can go, and Shelley and I went home around 10am after getting some sleep at the birthing center.  

Thursday was time for Shelley and her mother with little Ezra.  Her father had to go to Kansas for an airplane part).  Isaiah and Clark went to school, Elijah and I went on his (long-planned) band trip to Athens, GA where he played trumpet with other skilled middle schoolers.  Ezra satisfied the house-call nurse that stopped in from the birthing center.

Friday was Ezra's first check-up at the pediatrician.  The staff was distracted as a mighty snow storm began -- the kids got pulled from school early, and Shelley and her mother had to scramble to finish the doc appt and get the older boys from early release.  Elijah and I got rain in Athens, but he still bowled a 116 one game during a break from practices.  The power went out around 5pm, and it was cold.

Saturday morning the power was still out and the house was colder still.  My mother arrived after sleeping in her car because the roads were too bad.  I got home with Elijah at 3pm to find the family bustling around the house in coats and blankets, and the baby happily snoozing.  He'd begun eating better and was plenty warm.  We ate barbecue that our pastor's wife brought over the previous night (and we reheated on a camp stove in the kitchen).  Despite the cold and dim, it was a pleasant family meal.  The baby has now lived over a quarter of his life without heat or power (or wifi!).  Kind neighbors with a generator for their heat (the Blades family) took in Shelley's parents and my mother.  Shelley, the boys, and I went to stay with some friends we knew from church (the Cooper family).  Everyone agreed that it was nice to have heat.

Sunday morning the family reunited at church.  It was a smaller gathering for a shorter service.  We sang a cappella - it was really nice.  After several weeks of helping us leading up to and immediately after the baby, Shelley's parents were able to fly out (my mother remains to help).  We watched a lot of football that afternoon, and had tacos that evening.  The baby is well.  The ducks did not come home Sunday evening, and with the cold and the winter predators, we fear the worst.

Monday I came in to work - i've been out for a week and needed to check in.  I stopped at home on my way in to feed the beasts.  Power is still out.  Cats are fine.  Dog is lonely but seems entirely undaunted by the cold.  I saw 14 (of 17) ducks splashing around in the stream and threw them some corn, but they don't seem to like walking on snow.

A few pictures:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Break '13

I took Friday and Monday off to enjoy the boys' fall break as a family -- we used it!

  • Friday: Camping at Ft. Mountain 
  • Saturday: Return from Ft. Mountain, dinner party with a friend. 
  • Sunday: Church, Football, E & Clark long bike trip 
  • Monday: LAN Party, Family biking @ Silver Comet
(TODO - add pictures here)

Sunday - Evanda & Clark biked to church and back (just over 24 miles):

View Lamb To Church - 10/6/2013 3:06PM in a larger map 

Monday -
LAN Party -- the boys played their first multiplayer starcraft.  they and their computer ally (all Terran) defeated the savage Zerg in the first match, but played again without a computer ally and were destroyed.

The family biked along silver comet - over 10 miles (a new record for the kids)!
View Silver Comet Trail in a larger map

Monday, August 5, 2013

Toadally Awesome

We walked at Red Top Mountain and Elijah's sharp eyes spotted two different toads.  We caught each -- here's clark holding a particularly photogenic specimen:

The toad, at his toadly best:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Snaggletooth no more!

Isaiah lost his long-treasured snaggletooth.  Earned during a violent fall a couple years ago, it has long given him a characteristic look and sound.  After a few recent violent collisions while wrestling it was on its last legs, and a dentist told him to keep wiggling it to hasten its departure.

After another fierce collision with his brother while emulating the superbowl, the tooth finally came out:

As expected, the robot tooth fairy came and fulfilled his grisly purpose:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pictures from Summer 2011 Pittsburgh Trip

We spent a week in Pittsburgh this summer. Here are some highlights:

Elijah on the bumper cars:

The Clarks:

Rem Boys:

Elijah and Isaiah, ascending:

Nothing beats a creek:

Family & Friends:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some pics

Here's some of what we've been up to lately!

Elijah has been busy. He has helped Evanda work on the new deck:

He's also been hard at work doing school:

Isaiah banged his head on the side of the bathtub and got quite a cut just above his eye. At first we were worried that he would need stitches, but fortunately it is healing nicely without them.

And Clark is crawling, pulling up, cutting teeth, and being cute!

Friday, November 5, 2010 is going google

Like many other world-leading family-oriented sites, is going google and abandoning the modicum of control over all things i held when i chose the products that ran the blog, pictures, etc.

I imagine quality will be much better here, and probably ease of use for most.